About Us

Welcome to coastal fashion. Casual, chic and elegant.  Clothes you can wear on the beach, or when meeting some friends for coffee on the esplanade, or often even in the city, where they're just as comfortable and appropriate in an office.

Its a lot of work finding great fashion.  We look for fresh and unique, bold and vibrant prints.  We search for great cuts, great fittings, and great value.  And as much as possible, we seek out products sourced from the best quality grades of 100% cotton.

We know you're busy with other things in life.  But this is our passion.  And our commitment to you is that we'll search for you to find the best coastal fashion out there, and we'll bring it to you at a great value.

If you want to come along for a wonderful adventure in coastal style and fashion, join us today!

The Salt Lines Design team xxx